Congee and Wet Breakfasts
coming soon
by Andrew Sterman

coming soon
by Andrew Sterman

Newborn Magic
by Stephen Cowan

On Acupuncture for Fertility podcast with Ann Cecil-Sterman

True Nature Radio podcast series on Chinese medicine energetics

Recommended Reading

The Expressiveness of the Body
by Shigehisa Kuriyama

Humming with Elephants: A Translation and Discussion of the Great Treatise of the Resonant Manifestations of Yin and Yang
by Sabine Wilms

Hunger Mountain
by David Hinton

Tao de Ching
by Lao Tzu, translations: Stephen Mitchell, Ursula Le Guin, Jane English

The Complete Works of Zhuangzi
by Burton Watson

The Web That Has No Weaver Chapter 9
by Ted Kaptchuk

All Sickness Is Home Sickness
by Diane Connelly

Fire Child, Water Child
by Stephen Cowan

The Art of Pulse Diagnosis
by Ann Cecil-Sterman