What does it mean to use this medicine?

To heal is to step into an increasingly more whole version of yourself, living out your chosen and destined path in life, with heart, grace and a greater capacity to grow, love, and offer your presence to the world.

Classical acupuncture, which employs the primary and complement channels, has applications for all ages and stages of life. Treatments are able to address an unlimited range of illness from acute to chronic, minute to serious.

Appointments are scheduled for one hour in which the practitioner gives her undivided attention to the patient. Treatment and diagnosis are always customized and specific to the moment, through our dialogue and your pulses.

This is medicine that can touch every aspect of your being. As one layer begins to heal, the rest of you comes into resonance like an instrument tuning itself. This is built into the architecture of the acupuncture channels, which are not only conduits of life force but are also the template through which we develop and grow from conception until death. These layers include the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies, and your connections to your environment (community, seasons, ecosystem), family, and to divinity.

As you have a chance to heal on any one of these levels you will find the many other levels of your being integrated and held in a new light.